Preferred411 members welcome ;)

My privacy and safety are of utmost importance so you can rest assured that I understand your need for this as well. But every new friend must be screened.

I promise it won't hurt a bit and I will treat your personal information as I would have you treat mine. However, if you don't feel comfortable tendering me with the few bits I need to verify you, I would not feel safe seeing you.

Safety is so important in every way for me—until I meet you, it must be my top priority.

I appreciate your loving kindness in understanding this and doing everything you can to make me safe and comfortable for our first date.

For new friends, I will ask to see your ID when you arrive. Please have it out

When you write me, since I am a lady of great love and pleasure, it's wonderful to start an email with that in mind.

Please introduce yourself and leave the information I need to verify your safeness and please let me know the dates and length of our rendezvous you would like.

Please do not discuss any details with me in your email. If you do, I will not be able to communicate with you further. You are hiring me for my time only, as a companion, someone with whom you can be yourself, relax and have fun, no strings attached. No other activities beyond that are implied or contracted for.

Please contact me by email first at: Scarlettsasa@protonmail.ch.

I respond warmly (and only) to class and thoughtfulness:
In your initial email to me, please address me by my name in your salutation (Not, "hey, you..." or other awkward starts. What?! People do that? I know!)

Most important in your Initial email to me:

1. Please include two websites and contact emails of two other Creative Artists who are happy to give you a reference. Or your P411 member number is fine as well.
2. Your full name and contact phone number and any discretion instructions
3. Date, time and length of time you'd like for your private workshop
4. About you... just a few little things such as: where you live, your professional life, endeavors, (retired?), or a hobby or pursuit you enjoy. And any other tidbit you want to share prior to our meeting.

***When I travel, my Private consultation schedule sometimes gets booked in advance, so If you are able to plan our meeting in prior to my arrival, it helps me plan and it gives me time to complete our screening
(I will not see anyone I haven't screened)

***if you need 'special attention' i.e. super discretion, and aren't able to be screened through work or references, we can certainly discuss a way to meet in a "Drinks First Introduction" prior to your Private Writing Workshop. (If my schedule is full, I will be unable to accommodate this)

A "Drinks First Introduction" - Half hour drink in a public place
$200 and can be handed to me in a greeting card or gift bag.
If all goes well and we'd like o continue to a Private Creativity Workshop, you may then choose the length of Workshop and we can go together immediately from there.
**The Drinks First $200 is in addition to the cost of the Workshop you choose as it is an accommodation in your screening process.

***I will always get back to you ASAP.
My purpose is to add Joy and Inspiration and be filled with the same.
If I haven't responded to your email within 24hrs or less, either you haven't sent your screening information or I just don't feel, by the way you've addressed me, that we would be of benefit to one another.
If that's the case, please try again following the few instructions for an initial email or just know, we just might not be compatible.

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