It is my pleasure to host you as my very special guest at my cozy, candlelit rendezvous, meant to transport you far from the stresses of everyday life.

Expect to be embraced by soft lighting, music, tasty beverages and a dressed-just-for-you, Me!
(Some beverages do embrace... ??)

You are welcome too, to bring your favorite bottle of yumminess! My favorites are listed on my Mouthwatering Extras page.

My Visiting Plans:


Travel to you dates available. My wings are de-iced! **My home is LA and I am available in LA/ OC/ SB to come to your conference space there with your inclusion of r/t uber for my transportation**

Travel on my end requires flights and hotels so it helps me to be able to plan in advance.

1 Hour: 650
1 1/2 Hours: 800
2 Hours: 1100
3 Hours: 1600
4 Hours: 2150
5 Hours: 2650
12-16 Hours: 3600
24 Hours:4200

LA/OC/SB My home is LA
I am available only to come to you
At the moment I don't host in LA but
I'd love to visit you
1 hour 800 plus r/t Uber
2 hour 1000 plus r/t Uber

Shall I join you and a friend?!
2 Hours: 1800
3 Hours: 2000

Shall I invite a friend to join us?
1 Hour: 1600
2 Hour: 2400
3 Hour: 3200

Fly me to you!
Busy life? Want to create your Memoir on the schedule that fits you best? I'd love travel to you to add laughter, insight, guidance and extra spice to an ordinary day or business trip:

2-3 Hours: 2000
4-6 Hours: 2800
7-12 Hours: 3600 (with a separate hotel room for me)
Overnight: 4400 (Without a separate hotel room for me)

Let's travel! I'll be your sexy sidekick;)
One night or First night: 4400
Every night after: 2500

***All travel add r/t transportation
(usually around a $500 addition for domestic travel)
***50% deposit plus travel is taken care of prior to my making travel arrangements.

I know things happen and erg! To me too!
But, I have put aside the time Just for You.
I travel long distances, make plane and hotel arrangements all based in your good word. Because of this, I ask your chivalrous and loving consideration:

If you must cancel in less than 36 hours, and/or if I am unable to rebook your time while traveling, please make arrangements to compensate me in full.

If this is the first time, I'll be happy to then put your cancellation fee toward our next meeting.

If you do not politely take responsibility for your cancellation, I will need to give that information if/when asked by my colleagues and other Creative Artists in my field. This is not to be unkind, but to save them the expense of a possible repeat.

Cancellations must be paid within 24 hours and before any future appointments can be made.
I have several very simple convenient ways to do so easily and discreetly.

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