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"She was a storm. Not the kind you run from--the kind you chase"

Welcome to Whimsical Writing and rapturous Creative Escapism

Together we make blissful transformation of the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

Now that you found me, the only question is "How many ways will we find to delight each other with our imaginations?"

I'm your Magical Mermaid, your Sheherazade, luring you to an otherworldly adventure.

This is what I love to do and be and share.
I am an Imagineer, an Empath, a creative creator, a magical transporter... If you allow me, I promise you an enchanted time-capsule encounter lifted from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

I want the projects we co-create to surprise and delight you. I want you to feel things you haven't felt in ages. Or ever. I want to take you on a journey inside yourself.

I am a writer in my life and in every situation in life. I love to pretend and live fully focused moment by moment in heightened fantastical collaboration.
I love to learn the stories of my partners. I love to laugh. I find humor in most everything. I love to explore and am constantly curious.

It's wonderful to have a Guide that's also a pleasure to look at:
If you like petite and curvy, I've got that sweet, femme fatale figure 34DD-26-36 5'4" and 111lbs.
My lips are full and soft, my hair is long and sometimes strawberry, sometimes darker auburn depending on my mood---and yet, I think my most memorable feature will be my feather-like fingers that are like antennae.

I've no tattoos, and the only thing pierced is my ears (and sometimes my Heart)

Mature and sophisticated, 46, I am loving the heightened Artistry I've gained from experience.

I love to cultivate long-term relationships as they are so joyful to anticipate.

Come, join me, and at least for our first meeting , leave everything up to me.

Follow the Siren's Song...

(I think we might really like each other!)

"Another day, another dollar; fourteen hours on snowshoes and I wish I had Pie.." –from a Maine trapper's Diary